How To Recover Google Account Without Phone Number

How to recover google account without phone number

Have lost access to google account and need to recover it ? All you need to do is follow some steps to make Google password recovery, go through following steps to recover the account:

Go to google account recovery page.

If you have activated two step verification and needed to recover google account without phone number, then all you need to do is skip this option.

You can make google account recovery either with alternate email ID or by answering the security questions.

When you opt to do the account recovery with alternate email ID, you need to provide the email ID on the google account recovery page.

Enter the email ID and click on next .

Google team sends a link to the email ID.

6. You are required to reset the password.

7. Reset the password and log out and log in using the new password.

8. You can opt to recover your account by answering security questions.

9. You need to provide same answer as you had provided during account creation.

10. Another option that you get to recover your account is ente rany of the password that you remember you had used with the account to recover. If you are unable to recall then click on Try Another Way.

Use any of the above options to do Google password recovery for android . When resetting the password make use of small letters, capital letters, symbols and numbers so that it is trcicky to guess and don’t keep any familiar password.



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